9 Reasons To Arrive At elrow NYC Early This July

The world's brightest, craziest, and colorful party returns to Brooklyn this weekend. That's right, another edition of elrow is just around the corner and is on track to be the biggest and the best to hit New York yet.

On Saturday, July 22, The Brooklyn Mirage and the King's Hall in the famed Avant Gardner complex will welcome over 15 top-tier DJs for elrow Summer Festival: NEW WORLD. And as the two stages of pure debauchery plunge into kaleidoscopic chaos, guests can immerse themselves in a host of brand-new amenities.

The event is completely sold out, and we wonder - why would anyone want to miss even one second of the action at an elrow event? Here are ten reasons to arrive early.

Full Experience Passes - You Saved Money
If you’ve purchased a full experience pass, you made the right decision. You saved money, and get to experience the show from start to finish. But don’t forget, if you arrive after 8pm you’ll have to pay a surcharge!
Drink Specials
People show up late to an event because they want to save money on the pregame. Now elrow is taking care of that for you. Everyone who arrives early will get a special drink deal. The bars will also serve a specialty-themed cocktail until 8 PM. You’ll have to arrive early to find out how special ;)
Rowgelia Photoshoot
We all love Rowgelia. The beloved chicken has been with the elrow family for years, keeping the energy up until the sunrise set is blaring through the morning. Now, for the first time, Rowgelia is doing a photo shoot with all our favorite fans. From 6:00 - 8:00 Rowgelia will be doing a photoshoot in The Great Hall lounge. We’ll even provide the flick to you right on the spot!
Sunset to Sunrise
After our past few Sunset to Sunrise experiences, we had to run it back. Watch the sunset over the dead sexy New York skyline from the highest walls of the Brooklyn Mirage. Then after doing some of the wildest dancing of your life, do the same thing with the sunrise. The elrow queen herself, Tini Gessler, is dropping a sunrise set until ... Well, we don't know when she will stop. Maybe you'll even get to see the next sunset?
Special Sundown Sets
We've specially curated both stages to provide the ultimate kickoff to this epic day-and-night of house and techno. In the Mirage (which just underwent some swanky new production upgrades), none other than house music legend Kerri Chandler will be guiding the event into darkness. NALAA will be on the decks in the King's Hall, dealing out the smoothest and silkiest house in the game. Plus, with the glass paneling, the coruscating colors from the sunset will still wash over the crowd like a warm waterfall.
Animators, confetti, inflatables? Oh my!
elrow is about so much more than the music. This party is a 360-degree, audiovisual experience. One minute you're dancing your heart out. The next, you're sitting in an inflatable pirate ship navigating the crowd like Captain Hook. A blast of confetti shoots off next to you like cannon fire from a rival ship, but instead of avoiding it, you let the color papers engulf the bow. Suddenly your sinking back down to the floor, but all you can do is smile as someone else commandeers the boat and goes on their own voyage. Did you get chills reading that? Well, the earlier you get to elrow, the more likely you'll find yourself in that exact situation.
Come Hungry, Leave Happy.
On top of the many upgrades to production, the Mirage has a brand new food menu. So get there early and fuel up proper so you can dance into the night. Then when it comes time to dance into the morning, come back and fuel up again. There may even be some Ibiza-style items on the menu just for this show ;)
The Great Hall of Chill
When you need a place to sit and eat, come to the Great Hall, the newly established house of chill in the Avant Gardner. The massive room will be converted into a luxury air-conditioned lounge where you can relax, hydrate (because we care about your health), grab a bite, look at your awesome pics with Rowgelia, meet your fellow attendees and collect yourself before another extended dance session.
With multiple rooms, photo opportunities, and extended hours - it’s key to arrive early and get a feel of the space! Get your flicks in early before the crowds arrive. Check out our site map below!